Open your heart and give back to Ateret Israel, an organization that needs your help in order to continue their active role for the community. We need your monthly donations to be able to continue our singles events, teen programs, couples workshop, synagogue; and most importantly to help the Preschool to stay open for the education and the development of the community's innocent and precious children. Without Hashem's help and YOUR help this could not be possible.

We need your assistance so these children could continue to receive a good Jewish education and a solid foundation for their future. By you helping, it is as if you are the parent and guardian of these children. In the merit of observing this mitzvah may Hashem help and always protect your family.

With your donation you will be updated with the different programs that are going on with the preschool, teens, singles, marriage workshops, and how you are truly making a significant difference in the lives of the people in your community. ONE mitzvah can change the world and by participating in this cause you are actively changing the world.

Please support this dedicated organization as it touches and inspires those who come in contact with it.

You can easily make your contribution either by calling 310-204-2626, sending a check or through Paypal, a secure and easy way to donate online.