prayer services

Tefila Times

Ateret Israel invites you to attend our prayer services.

Shaharit 5:00 am
Barukh Sheamar 5:30 am
Hodu 5:40 am
Minha 6:00 pm
Arvit 6:45 pm
Repeat Shema 8:15 pm
Sefirat HaOmer 8:15 pm
Minha 6:00 pm
Arvit 6:45 pm
Shaharit 4:45 am
Barukh Sheamar 5:15 am
Kiddush 8:00 am
Shaharit II 8:15 am
Barukh Sheamar II 8:45 am
Kiddush II 11:30 am
Shiur (class) on the weekly Parasha 5:00 pm
Minha 6:15 pm
Seudat Shelishit 7:00 pm
Arvit 8:10 pm
Havdala 8:30 pm

All services located at: 9054 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035 (East of Doheny, corner of Canfield)

To sponsor a seduat shelishit in memory of a loved one please call our office a week in advance at 310-204-2626.

Last updated: May 15, 2019